I need a sand sifter fish


Ok what would be a good sand sifting fish that would get along with a six line wrasse and two percula clowns? I thought about a yellow watchman goby but I heard they will get picked on by the wrasse. Yhe wrasse did peck at the two clowns when I put them in but they get along fine now.


I've never heard of a dragon goby are you talking about a dragon wrasse? If not, do you know a site with information on a dragon goby?


I have a yellow-head sleeper goby. He made a big mess the first week or two (spraying sand all over rocks...) but he calmed down and does a good job. Like his personality too.


A long time ago I kept a bi colored goatfish, he really mixed up the sand and was a very active fish. I don't know about compatability since I only kept one in my life time. Though if no one jumps in and sys if they are compatible or not then I will make some calls for you.
I remember he had wiskers like a cat fish that he would extend straight forward, swim into the sand and wingle those things like crazy. When I got him I wasn't told he did that and was told he was a species of catfish. Although I don't believe that. I actually now that I remember him, I'm going to get one.
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