I need help form any and all experts!!!


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I would work for a while as a LONE pet. Anything else you place in will be almost instantly destroyed. If you buy a small one you should be able to get away with a 38 gal tank with little rock-work for a couple of years. After it grows you will need to upgrade the tank.


stuff i read tells me to put him in a 55 gal minimum. so i wouldnt, i mean if you had 50 or something, than ok, but 38 is a little small. i wouldnt recommend it unless you plan on upgrading as he grows.

cactus jack

absolutely and i disagree with how fast it will grow. you can keep it in there happily for at least a couple of years before it grows anywhere near too big for the tank. that is a great one fish to keep in a tank. any of the triggers are