I need help to save my 'nems

Will my anemone die?

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my name is Douglas, I'm from Brazil and I keep a 20 gallons nano tank.
I have two BBTs (one rose and one green with orange tips) and I had to change my lightning settings because they were burning my Psammocora and that somehow it affected my BBTs.

Now they are shrinking and it seems there is nothing I can do to help them. I'm desperate.
I've changed my lighting settings back. They are not happy.
I've checked my water parameters: Kh: 10, Ca: 430, Mg: 1330, Ph: 8.2
I have some brown algae which seems to be related to my current lightning settings.

I'm trying to feed both of them as instructed here: http://www.corallore.com/anemone-shrinking/
Here is a picture:

This anemone has moved and found another place but still looks about the same. Apparently some brown algae is growing over its tentacles.

Here is my lightning settings:

Do you think you can help me?