I need some advice on this

My uncle gave me one of his water that he boiled from tap water. Well he boil the tap water and pour into a contianer and placed his live rock in there because it was full of aiptasia for a day now he is giving it to me so i can use for my tank. I know once your put a live inside a regular water it kills all the bacteria but is there possibility there still aiptasia and do i bring the rock back to live? some people say jsut put it in the tank and it will slowly grow back.


i believe you should just be able to put it in the tank and it will eventually be covered by the bacteria from the other rocks and sand in the tank


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I would cycle this water in a separate container, not in your tank. Put it in a tub of saltwater with a pump for water circulation and a heater. Check the water daily for ammonia and nitrites. I believe you will see a big rise in ammonia as the dunking of the rock into boiling water has killed the life on it and that dead material has to be gotten rid of. Don't know if the Aiptasia cells would be able to survive the boiling water or not.
Ok, thank you for all the comments. I also have one more question. Like if i were to prepare water for a water change right? after i perform the water change and place the water i took into another bucket and put the rock in there. Will this be ok for cycling the rock? Also it is just about 2~3 Lb rock. I was going to use a 3 gallon bucket. Will that be enough? Thank you!