I Need You ....


... to help me decide which fish to get. I have had alot of people swaying me from fish to fish so now I am just going to take a poll and see what the overall favorite fish is. I am looking for a new addition to my 55 reef. I want a very colorful, very active, not too dificult to take care of fish. I have narrowed it down to two. Purple firefish, Coral beauty Angel. So now take your pick on which fish you think I should get. Any other suggestions would be great if you want to reply with your own opinon. Thanks a bunch!!!


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Originally Posted by TeresaQ1
i voted for the firefish. Dont angles nip at corals??
Theres always a chance. Sometimes you get lucky.


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i would vote for a flame angel....i have one in a crowded reef tank. it doesnt pick at anything even feather dusters!. maybe i got lucky


hey reefman...stop and checkout exotic aquatic....he had several purple firefish this past weekened! I'd love one but I think I am kinda over now! hehe Good luck...


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Ive been lucky with my CB too, he hasnt bothered anything in the tank yet and hes been in there since december '04. Good luck.


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I have a coral beauty and they are basically hit or miss with the corals. I love the CB to death, but I voted for the other one for the reef system, my coral beauty picks at the corals.