I scored big time today!


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Lets hear it for Generous reefers!
today I went over to a local reefer's place.
He was advertising free corals if you come pick them up.
OMG ya, it was an hour drive each way...BUT WOW!
PRO setup! I visited for an hour with him while he gave me the tour.
I left with close to 20 frags of 2-6"mixed SPS, zoos,LPS,polyps,and shrooms(i would say about a $400-$500 value...some where pretty nice and pricey pieces)
He gave me a good 6month head start at least on my Reef tank. It would have taken me the rest of the summer to save up enough to buy these frags. Really good feeling when you meet a stranger who isn't selfish or trying to make a buck...but rather is genuinely interested in the hobby and sharing the love with others.
I cant wait to pay it forward, I had in mind I would probably do that kind of thing one day, but now Im determined to see that I shift others some good karma! So for all you reefers who've ever given away free frags, and to those who sold at a major major discount just to hook someone up...Kudos! You really do give a good example! And thanks!


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Good for you!! I would do the same thing for folks if my stuff grows like it used to. I will set up a frag tank I hope one day to do the same.


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Right now they are in baggies floating, But ya. Ill shoot some pics. dont get hopes up...yall seen the garbage my camera produces. But Im also working on trading a PFO professional series 72" 3x250MH system(ballest and all) for a tricked out Nikon D40 with a bunch of accessories. Hope he agrees and is willing to trade ill be sporting some pretty pristine shots!
I really hope he goes for it. I want a DSLR camera really bad. I hate my garbage $100 walmart special.


Congrats on the find King!! That is outstanding, glad it happened to you as well after your almost total wipe out...