I want to add an ocellaris


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You placed them in your tank incorrectly IME. I dont know why you would allow this to continue to happen either. I never said its full proof. You have fish that can be butt heads. In your case you have one. If the correct steps are taken and the you see how the fish react to each other first then you can make the correct choice on what to do. You just threw two fish together and hoped for the best. Im not saying to do that. IMO the critter box is a must.
Hell catch the one in your tank now place him in a qt set up with the new guy.
Just make sure you buy a captive bred clown. They get thet disease Brook something or other. It will kill both your fish very very fast and its sad to watch.
how did i place them in the tank incorrectly? everyone i have asked has said if you're going to have a pair of clown fish you should add them together rather than one than the other? I continued this to happen until i found a solution to fix it.
I did not just throw them in the tank and hope for the best. It is not like i put them in the tank and they immediately acted aggressive. They lived in peace for a month and it became a recent problem.
what i was told to correct the problem is to get an isolation for the aggressive fish.
Im not saying that two clowns won't live in peace together, but the way everyone is trying to make it sound is that it will be completely ok with no problems and i was giving some input on my experience on what happened to my tank so other people can see this can happen.
rtlimpus i wish you the best of luck and hope everything works out!

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IME if clownfish dont bond and hang out then there will be an issue. I added mine exactly how I told the OP and they bonded. Swam together and hung out. If they dont do that then I feel there is going to be issues in the future. Did yours hang out or did they go off on their own? If they did hang out then you just got unlucky. like I stated before its not full proof. You should do something about sepereating them No reason to allow the other fish to possibly be killed.
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I did get unlucky cause for the first month they did bond and swim together and even play.
I had a similar experience with two pairs of Percula. The original pair were tank raised and got along great, until the second pair (TRUE Percula) were added. The smallest tank raised percula was singled out and harassed by the rest. However this aggressive behavior was overcome by the addition of a Sailfin Tang. Which quickly established itself as the new king of my aquarium. The three clownfish swam over to the small one and coaxed it out from the intake were it had been hiding and suddenly accepted into its group. I guessing here but I believe the clownfish sought strength in numbers. The four existed in peace for three years before I gave one away to my freind. AGENT SZABO


I picked out a clownfish from my LFS to add to my tank that already has one in it. It was well over 1/2 size smaller then the one I already have. 2 days and *POOF* Lil' Nemo dead. My bigger clown wouldn't leave it alone.


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Thats cool that your clowns got along. I tried to add another clown and the one that was already in the tank for around 3 weeks just mauled the other clown, I tried to seperate them and even take the new fish back but was told that I couldn't trade him in. That i would only get 50% of what i payed for it and only after it sold. So I decided to keep him. So long story short the old clown killed the new clown.