ICK again ?? no way or maybe ...


I did the hypo thing 4-5 months ago, and kept the tank at hypo degree for long then 8 weeks, however I have added mushrooms and polyps a week ago. Today at the morning I switched on the lights and saw a lot of "ick" at my damsels. It wasnt like ick because there were too many, (let me say 15 spots for a damsel) but there was no sign of ick the day even night before and after the treatment that I did 4-5 months.
So I was just
, and having my breakfast I realized that all the spots were gone in 15 mins after the lights are turned on...
I, now doubt it is ick but then what is it ? ...


If there are tons of small spots than it may be Oodinium, this weird display of on off symptoms is one that is not listed ( as far as I know, there is probably a page about it somewhere) but it happened to my clowns when they got it, can you get a picture while the symptoms are present?


yes, it's been 2 days since that white powder spot event. Since then I havent seen it again but, I saw very small white spots like powder again but only 1 spot at a time.
I will check daily and write any progress..
(btw it's far away like oodinium, most likely to be ich)