ID rare zoanthid


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i bought this frag from my LFS for 25 bucks today, they said it was rare. does anyone know what it is or if its really rare? the center is bright yellow (camera sux)


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When it comes to coral, each specimen is different and if you find something and you like it, and can afford it…buy it. All that matters is the beauty you find in it.
I buy what I want and like and to Hades with others opinions. All you ever need to say is, “Look at my new critter!”
I do believe in doing ones homework to make sure each critter has a chance at survival, so I never recommend an impulse buy. A zoa is pretty safe and easy to care for. I think the yellow is awesome, it’s a hard color to find. Most everything is green, brown, purple, red or orange. With the way zoa covers a rock it’s going to be a beautiful eye catcher in your tank. Be sure to find a nice rock for it to spread on for a good effect.