Ideas on LR Findings?

Okay, as many of you know I purchased a display tank from a lfs that closed. In resetting it up and making new purchases for it our inexperiences have taken us on a wild ride, ich, hair algae, etc.
Anyway, today I am trying to id some things we have found within the DT over the last few months. Here are 2 of them. If you have any thoughts as to what they are please id.
The first picture is something that has popped up on the rock since we moved the rocks around. The pic is blurry, sorry. It is almost a transluscent color pick in person and about 2 inches tall.
The second picture is hopefully just a rock covered in fans and not something bad.



The second picture are just feather dusters. They're harmless filter feeders. I have some that look just like yours and they spread like weeds in my tank. I think they're a Sabellid sp aka Dwarf Feather Dusters. Here's a pic of mine. I started with 20-30 of them.


I believe that the first picture is some sort of a red calurpa. I've seen it for sale on other websites. I had a decorator crab that loved to snip off some and wear a Carmen Miranda hat with it.