Identification Please


I just changed bulbs from 15K to 20K and I am amazed! I had no idea I had corals that looked this pretty. I am going to be fragging them and need to know the names and how much I can seel them for. Please help



The first pic in the first post looks like radioactive dragon eyes to me and the last pic of the first post kinda look like xmen... probably wrong on that one but just my 2 cents =]

heart & sole

1st pic
top= eagle eyes (common)
bottom= looks like Green Bay Packers (common)
2nd pic
looks like Peanut Butter Cups or Reverse Gorilla Nipples (common)
3rd Pic
Coco Pink's
4th Pic
Radioactive Dragon Eyes (common)
5th Pic
Fire and Ice?
Last Pic under Ricordia
Candy Apple Pinks or Watermelons
1- eagle eyes on top, radioactive dragon eyes on bottom
2- peanut butter cups (reverse gorillas are more of a solid brown, with only the center being orange)
3-if the mouth is white, they are pink zoot suits, otherwise they are just pink zoas
4- Hulks (bright green skirt, brownish centers, although the green mouth throws me off)
5- fire and ice (awesome!)
6-...see above
7- look like candy apple pinks to me too.
sweet zoa collection