Ignore this post


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I gotta throw this back to the top... Can not resist seeing other people getting sucked into the hole with all us nosey people!!!
I love it!!!


lol..i'm 407...jeez...glad to know people are ignoring this post!

cap'n pete

I'm finally back up, well sort of (DSL will be up tomorrow), and this is the first post I looked at and replied to... ha!


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Well, finaly it died, 480 views and 31 post later, I guess none of us can stand to be told no to do something. I'll be sure to keep this in mind the next time I start a thread. :D


okay I'm pretty new to this bb but i can't belive how long this "ignore" topic has lasted. I think we need a misc.. area to talk about other things then fish... It would would nice if my
??'s stuck around this long:D
sorry all i just could'nt help it!!!!!!!

sinner's girl

"a misc.. area to talk about other things then fish" Wait, you mean like, there's like outside of fish? Are trying to say life's not all about fish? :eek:
there used to be one, i think
....whenever given the chance we seem to be able to have lots of fun and laugh and ot talks (just think how far the sponge was carried on...and it even pop back up in new thread months later!) some members love to use there non-fish skill and make pretty pic's for us to look at!
NaCl-H2O~nope didn't die, looks like you brought it back to live...


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Yes, there use to be a General discussion Forum (OT area) called the aquarium, but the admin got rid of it and won't bring it back. No one knows why. It would be nice if they would bring it back, I think most people want it. OT subjects are useful and help people relax and feel comfortable here, exspiecially if there new to the BB. Until they change their minds about it, OT subjects will have to be mixed in with everything else. Just sit back and enjoy. :cool:


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I've been out of town for the long weekend, just got back home checked the tanks and this post, so I'm good to go......still ignoring it though:cool:


Well, someone should tell you all that you don't know how to follow directions. I for one am completely ignoring this post. You should all be ashamed of yourselves...:p