I'm kinda nervous


have run my 120 gal reef tank with 2 emporer400 biowheels, a protein skimmer, and 2 power heads
for the last 12 years...
finally tired of the noisy biowheels needing cleaned/ replaced, and really tired of lookin at em..
tomorrow arrives a Hydor professional external cannister filter---eco system in a box--Biological,mechanical,
chemical filtration system.
Great reviews--though not a lot of actual reading about making this change.
I would think I might need to continue running the biowheels until such time as the new filter
is up and running and healthy?
Really nervous about this---
Is this basically a sump system?
Nowhere in the info is the word sump used.
Everything does go under the tank.
Supposed to have everything I need..
Wil I need to continue using the protein skimmer?
Any feedback greatly appreciated---this is a big project for me--for a tank
that's performed pretty darn well all these years---don't want to screw that up...
Thanks in advance


Staff member
It is a canister filter and they are not a great choice for a SW tank. Canister filters require a lot of regular maintenance to be effective in a sw tank. You will need to clean it weekly and it is usually kind of messy. Hang on the back are better choices. You might look at other brands besides the bio wheel. Maybe you can find a quieter one.