im setting up a pod tank.


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first off i want it to be a 10 gallon tank with just some south down(is this the best choice for a tank like this?)seeded with someones matured ls. a few small pices(large rock or rubble rock?).a heater,penguin mini bio wheel(ok choice) and your standard lighting.
this tank will not be attached to anything so the point of it will be to every so often take a a turkey baister full of pods and squirt them into my 40 gallon reef display for my six lined wrasses little snack.if some make it to the rock will they survive or doing anygood in the tank?i dont have alot of pods in my 9 month old 40 gallon tank.
any suggestion?would it be worth it?


Sounds fine, only I would add some chetomorphia to the pod tank, perhaps some other macro algae if you prefer but my first choice would be the cheto - its perfect for pods to hide, reproduce and thrive in.
You could also add a squirt of pods at night to the main tank so that some of them do make it to the rocks and perhaps reproduce in the main as well. Take into account available food + population.


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Why not take the next step and set up a refugium. Then you won't have to baste them into the tank, and you'll get the added macro benefit.


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Originally posted by Thomas712
Take into account available food + population.

could you elaborate on this please?
also how much light does chaeto need because i wasnt really looking into lighting.


I like using power compacts for my macro's..the Lights of America brand at Home Depot is perfect for refugiums..
I would also add a varitey of different sized substrates to encourage pod breeding..ex- sand at bottom layer than a fine layer of cc..


I dont think chaeto has any specific light requirements. Just light. As far as I know a simple incandescent bulb should work fine since algae-type plants thrive in lights more on the red end of the spectrum.
I could be wrong, though. Somebody please correct/verify/elaborate for me.