Important Changes to the Classified Selling Forum Effective Wednesday, October 29th

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Important Changes to the Classified Selling Area
The Classified Forums of this website were introduced to allow our active members an opportunity to trade, swap or sell unused livestock and equipment. Over the past year, this area has become an area where it seems that “anything goes” despite our best efforts to monitor the area. We’ve seen online retailers on this site selling their inventory, we’ve had scammers from other sites trying to sell, we’ve had new members selling items daily with no participation in the general forums…and long time valued members banned because their ratio of participation to selling was too high. Our oversight of this area, especially since there often is money involved, lacked consistency…consequently, we have been looking at a technology solution for this area that would aid us in monitoring this area.
We are pleased to announce that effective Wednesday, October 29th, all Classified and Live Selling and Trading transactions will take place on a new site set up exclusively for Bulletin Board members: Here you will be able to buy, sell, auction, and swap items with a uniform template to make transactions easier and more secure.
Here’s how it will work. You must be a Bulletin Board member to participate and register. All members must register separately at the site to use this area. All transactions will use PayPal. Members may list up to 4 auctions within a 30 day period, each auction can contain a maximum of 10 items for sale. The listing of items is free. There are upcharges you can request at a nominal fee if you so desire for your listing. All sales will incur a 5% fee to . You will be able to set your own shipping rules, transaction rules, upload up to 3 pictures per auction…all free. We have removed the requirement that members must post 50 times to use this site, and with the security of a dedicated auction site, we feel many more members will choose to try this form of selling.
Feel free to take a look around the site. You will need to register before you can buy or sell. Make sure you check your junk email folder if you do not receive your registration confirmation email. supports aquaculture and encourages hobbyist’s efforts to advance the hobby. For the vast majority of members, four auctions per month is more than enough to suit their needs. For those whose livestock sales capacity exceed that level, we apologize that this site will no longer be available. We will, however, consider purchasing hobbyist’s stock if they wish to wholesale with us and have sufficient quantities of an item. Please contact us at if you are interested.
The Classified Forums will close on Wednesday, October 29th and will be the exclusive means of transactions on the message boards. I’m sure it is going to take a few weeks for us all to get used to the new system, but we know the vast majority of members will appreciate the increased security and ease of use this site will provide.
Welcome to !


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Sorry to say this but I'm pretty sure the amount sold/traded/bought will go down significantly and people possibly move to other boards. I don't have a problem on the sale side as I don't sell anything, but I don't know how easily I'll be purchasing anything now either as there are higher fees.
Once you start charging people for selling their products, that's never well received. It's almost as if you are selling on any of the commercial frag sites. The whole purpose of members having transactions with each other is the decreased price and no extra fees.


I know one site that will be getting real busy because of this and thats R--- C

. Im sure you all know that one.
wow are you guys hurting that bad that you want to take from your members for profit?
R.............. C............... here I come

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Thanks for the discussion. We appreciate getting everyone's input.
Based on comments, we have increased the number of photos that can be uploaded to 10. We have also eliminated the Swap Fee. We will make no other changes to the structure.
Change is always difficult. We were deciding whether to close down the Selling Forums completely or take this approach. We decided to continue to provide this service with the appropriate controls in place... and to make this meaningful for a broader cross-section of our members. You should know that 90% of the problems on this board came from these Forums and it was becoming unmanageable for the moderators, many of our members, and for the admin. Whether is successful or not is up to you as members.
i do agree that taking our profit is maybe a little overboard, but i'll also agree that i have a ton of knowledge, lots of it in thr reef world, i have two member names here, one is fedel castro, because of my beard i grew, but i shaved it of now, i didn't wanna look like a terist any more lol, the other screen name is Lazman, you can see there how much of a coral reef freak i really am, a committed reef hobbist, i love it, but i understand that lately i havent been partisipating in helping others lately, its because i put thing out of the water as in proving that you can do things in a home reef tank ,like mixing reef life together and so on, i'm just a person that takes risk's and put proven things in the putting, my model is proof is in the putting,lol, i love it, the thing is as long as you don't slack, it can be done, just stay on it, this hobby is very exspensive ,but all worth it to me, again i'll try to be more helpful to others, but Reef Central is the blame that i stopped partisapating because of all there staff and some board memers, there all haters, its unprofessional how they handle things there, most of them,not all, but most of them are haters, i love this site tho, if everybody just give a little, you'll get back more the way i see it, plus i beleve saltwaterfish deserve to charge a fee, because they gotta do alot of work, lots of it , come on this is alot of work folks, i'll sign up, and i'll be more helpful, if anybody has ??????? you can pm me, just be patient and you'll get the best as possible info i learned in this hobby, thanks so much, have a fun reefing.