inherited salt water fish tank need help

I'm not a fan of chemicals either, but Aiptasia-X is completely "reef safe". It isn't a poison. It's more of a glue than anything. It works by gluing the nem's mouth shut, and it basically implodes. Kind of fun to watch, actually...
That's what my LPS recommended too. He said it works really great. Added 3 peppermint shrimp the LSP said three should be plenty for my 60 gallon tank and they all ready seem to be getting to work ate one huge one and I'm starting to see alot missing half's to them.
Tank is doing alot better and I'm already becoming addicted lol. Got a few new fish and some coral. Had to get rid of the humbug damsel as he was stressing out everything new I added. Had to remove everything in the tank just to catch him but everything in the tank seems more at peace and everything seems to be more active in the tank now.still have a few aptasias gonna try a copperband butterfly soon. All in all ready happy on how the tank is coming along.
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