Interesting anemone at my LFS


I'd like to buy this anemone, but I'd like to get an ID on it. From what I was told it was collected in the gulf of california (warm water pacific) and has been in captivity for 3 years (a victim of a tank takedown due to the economy).
Open it is the size of a silver dollar and 1/4 inch thick, closed it is about a quarter in diameter. You can see the distinctive way the tentacles curl on my terrible cell phone picture. If no one can get this I may bring my good camera to the store and see if i can shoot it, luckily its on the side glass.


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The Wikipedia image looks like a Rock Anemone, also called Beaded Anemone (Epicystis crucifer).
Your original pic is hard to tell, but looks like a Curly-Cue Anemone (Bartholomea annulata
). Given it's shape and the fact it's out on the glass, it's definitely not a Rock Anemone (it would be buried deep in a rock, not out on the glass).


This is a picture of a curly Q and it doesnt look like anything like that. The tentacles are MUCH shorter (not even an inch long) and curl upon themselves like the picture from wikipedia.