Introducing another Clown...


OK, Ok, Ok...
I know Clowns are VERY territorial, but here's my situation-
I got a pair of Maroon Clowns two weeks- both around an inch or so- one was a bit bigger. A day or so ago the bigger Clown died. (My mistake for not noticing the fin/tail rot when I purchased them- dummy!)
What I want to do is get another Maroon clown in there because they look so damn cool when there's two of them hanging out. I can get a substantially larger one (3-4 inches) and add her.
Would this work? What if I catch the small clown, put him into the bag with the new clown for awhile and then add both of them at the same time...
Any ideas on how to add another clown without too much drama?


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I have without much problem but I know others have had problems. I would get one that is a little bigger and keep an eye of them. I have 3 clowns and all were added at different times with a white-striped maroon being last (largest). They have all been in my tank with little probems for at least 3 months.


OK, so I added another Maroon Clown... A big sucker- almost 4-5 inches in with my pre-existing little 1 incher... and they're already pals...
I'll post photos soon.


:p I previously had a small tomato clown. My friend was getting a divorce and got rid of his tank. He gave ma 4-5" tomato clown which was much bigger than my own.....After a couple of hours, they were together. He's clown fish is the dominent one.:eek: