Introducing my new Mandarin!


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Hi Guys!
Here is my new Mandarin I bought! Shes a beautiful specimin. Hopefully she will like the taste of yummy flatworms, failing that she is a wonderful addition to any aquarium. They need an established tank of 1 year plus with plenty of pods. Hopefully I have plenty of pods which will keep her nice and fat. Fingers crossed. If not I will just take her back after a week, i wont let her suffer :)


Nice fish!I had one for a long time also.Try to introduce some frozen brine or mysis shrimp.Mine would eat that as well.


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Congrats- i wish i had the room for one but in a 20......:rolleyes: But hope it does well- it would be reall cool if you could get it to eat frozen food as well. Nice fish

nm reef

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Sweet looking addition...I've never heard of them to take a taste for flatworms. But anything is possible I suppose. I once had a manderian that developed a taste for both brine and I know its possible to have them adapt to foods other than live of luck with yours.:thinking:
I've had one for a few months now... Ive never seen him eat.(frozens anyway) he just picks at the LR all day long. Their really sweet fish.