Invert Time...


It has been a little over 3 weeks and I am pretty sure myt tank has cycled but im going to wait a week or two more, monitor, and make sure. After that time I am going to do a water change and add some inverts (my cleanup crew). First question I was wondering is since I live along way from any pet stores I want to do a montly water change so how much % should I change monthly. The other question I have is should I add my clean-up crew at one time. Is that ok to do and will the actually have enough to eat until I get some fish?
55 Gallon
20 Pnds. Reef Sand
40 Pnds. Live Sand
15 Pnds. Live Rock:confused: :confused:


are you buying your water at the fish store?
if that was how i was doing things, i would try to get 3 5 gallon containers with nice tight screw on lids. do 10 gallons a month, and have a third spare for a backup or emergency.


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on my 55 i tend to base it on water test conditions. if ammonia or n's get too high then do about 10 gallons, slowly over a week. otherwise i haven't changed water in about a month. nothing has died and everything is looking healthier that when i did water changes. but i can't stress testing enough. also keep in mind that you have to replace evaporated water.
p.s. good filtration is a nice addition to any low mainenance tank