Ionic Breeze Quadra w/ Ozone


Does anyone own of of these? I am reading conflicting information on whether or not they actually work. I have the chance to buy one at a refurbished price on their website. Thanks,


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I dont own one, but I have read from a number of places that not only do they not really work, but they are actually harmful as ozone is not good for humans.


I read somewhere that they were unsafe for household pets with sensitive resperatory systems. I don't know how reliable a source it was though :notsure:


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my friend has one in his basement.. i can tell nyou it do work ... you can smoke a few cigarettes a few feet away and hever smell a thing.. ( he also have a full bar soo the smokeing is hand in hand with the booze..) i for one can say that it works, and yes it do give off ozone.. how much i dont know but it do get rid of the smoke


Ozone can be harmfull if the dose is large enough. It is my understanding that these do not put out that much ozone, but that depends on the size of the room and how well it is vented to the rest of the house. Personaly I would not run ozone in my house when I am home or in the same room. I know when a vehical gets done you are supposed to turn off the machine and open up the car and let it completly air out before getting in. There are plenty of websites on the subject of safe ozone levels. I would look at all the risks / benifets before such a purchase. I guess what i'm saying is yes they can be good to a level, and is a much debated subject. Do a little research and make a decision from that.
hope that'll help


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we have 3 of them. I have not run them for several months since reading the reports. Since the whole point for us to use them is for our sons allergies/respitory issues, we are opting out right now. Funny thing though, if you email and ask them about they stand firm with their positive use. But if you look at their NEW versions.......they have this "thing" on the front of the unit.


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Weather they work or not, I view them as being over rated, over priced and if yu can wait a year or two probably get em for $29.99 at Wal Mart. Its all a marketing ploy for foks with alergies etc....just like years ago with the rainbow vac cleaners.
Figure out just how much they are really worth. Buy one at X price and recieve another free for no charge just pay ungodly S & H charges, and if yu act within the next 10 minutes they include a small bathroom version worth $60 for free just pay yet again extreme S&H one gives away anything for nothing, so I figure if it costs $24 S&H but actually it could be shipped for $12.00 then the darn thing is really only worth $12.00 Figure in the opcst of actual shipping, and the am9unt left over is what the junk is worth...And its super how they use a smalldbaby or an old grey mozzled dog to attract you and make it seem like the dude is so honest and sincere. Ever see thre $19.99 pasta cookers.....that cme with a free smaller cooker . My wife picked up one (made in china) but then again whats not made in china at a store here in town that looks exactly like the ones sold off TV and only paid $5.99. It came with 2 containers for cooking in, and a lifetime warranty as well. Its identical to whats sold on TV for $19.99 plus $9.99 S&H, and oddsa re the TV model is also made n China.