Is it ok to leave the removable glass covers on my 175 -?



Hey guys ! I have my 175 running for 9 months. And during that time, I always leave the glass covers on the tank, to prevent fishes from jumping. I do leave about a 2in gap on each cover, for air circulation. I was wondering if it is better to just leave it off-?


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More and more people are going with no covers these days. There are more benefits to a coverless tank unless you have fish that are known to jump. Even then a lot of people gamble with egg crate rather than have a constricting cover.
Removing the cover will help with tank temperature stability when your lights are on. The cover traps heat even with a few gaps here an there. Without the cover your tank will have much better gas exchange and will evaporate more but that is good for our tanks. You'll just have to top off more frequently or larger amounts. Another benefit is if you have corals the light will get to them a lot easier.
I say take it off but really it depends on what kind of fish you have.