Is my star fish dead?


I've had an orange linckia for about the past 6 months. Seemed to be fine. But, the last 2 days seemed to slump in the corner and is now more or less a blob. I think he is up side down. I believe a small part of his leg is missing, but can't be certain. I assumed the fish or crabs would be all over it if it were dead, but they are not bothering it. We are under construction and the AC has been off so temp was a bit high (84) for the past 2 days.
Ammonia is 0. 120 gal tank, 110 # lr, ls, 30 gal sump/fuge. Tankmates: False perc, Blue Hippo, royal gramma, diamond goby, snails, crabs, BTA, All are fine.
What is recommended temp? I'm checking all other parameters now.
Any help is appreciated!


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Sounds like it is indeed dead/dying.
Temperature fluctuations can be devestating, especially to sensitive creatures like stars.
starfish are pretty sensitive it changes in water temp, salinity, ect... If you have had larger then 3 degree temp changes from day to night that might be your problem. Also if the sf looks like hes dying he probably is.