Is my Tree Coral Dying


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My tree coral usually shrivels up and becomes dark purple at night. Then during the day it really opens up and is a nice fleshly pink color. The last two days is is just limp somewhat shriveld and dark purple. This was the first piece of coral I Put in my tank and it grew to about 3 times the size hat it was when I bought it. he only thin that has changed is I recently added frog spawn (put on the other side of the tank so it is not in reach of the tree coral) and I added 1 purple gorganian (sp?). I took a picture of what it looked like this morning - but I won't have time to download it until tonight. When I get home I will take another one.


My guess is that it is probably getting ready to multiply. I have a kenya tree and it will shrivel up for a few days right before it starts dropping limbs. I would watch it for a few days and not worry about it too much.