Is there a salt water tank cleaning fish?


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I have a 55 gal fish only tank with a flame angel, clown fish and cleaner shrimp. I would like to add a fish that cleans the bottom of the tank and glass if there is such a fish. Kind of like an algae eater for a fresh water tank. I had five snails, but they didn't last more than a couple of months. Any thoughts.
snails die if they fall on there back and are not turned right side up, i think a lawnmower blenny would do the trick but i would still have a clean up crew consisting of scarlet(red leg) hermits


As far as I know there isn't a fish that will clean the sides of the tank. Only snails do that I believe. There are some snails that can right themselves when they get flipped over. Can't remember which ones though.


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The Kole Tang will eat algae off of your glass. If you get a small enough specimen it may work, but I don't think it will clean your bottom.


I think you're right Tank. I read somewhere that turbo snails can right themselves as opposed to austrea(sp?) snails, which die if they fall on their backs.

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I've got assorted snails that are always cleaning the for the surface of my sand bed....I've got a dragon goby that insists it stays clean......he does leave a lil sand in places I'd rather not have on my mushrooms from time to time....but over all he does a outstanding job and is kewl to watch
Look for this guy...

I've seen shops refer to them as Lamnmower Blennies, Plain Blennies, etc.
Also, get a cleanup kit from a site like SW fish. In Saltwater, inverts are the best cleaners.
Definately get a lawnmower blenny. They also call it a rock blenny i believe. This guy cleans the glass like crazy. I will take a look at my tank in the morning and see millions of little lips on the front and sides of my tank. He basically goes up and kisses the tank. It's fun to watch. A lawnmower blenny probably has the best personality of any fish I've seen. He will literally follow me around the tank, sit on a rock, and stare at me until I move to the other side of the tank. Then he'll swim over to the other side of the tank and do the same thing. I recommend him to anybody with a reef tank. Too bad they aren't the prettiest of fish though.


That guy in the picture looks like the fish I just got, he was called the Sailfin/agle Blenny. He eats all the alge and even cleans the glass. You must make sure you have enought to get him alive, because I had the hardest time trying to get him to eat anything else.