Is there something wrong with my anenome?


See how the tentacles on the bottom and right are smaller? its always like this anyone know what this means? is it splitting?


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Anemones require MH lighting, and a mature tank with pristine water conditions.
Sorry, but IMO it's probably dieing. :D

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Anemones require MH lighting

not in all cases do they need MH, we have a RBTA, which it looks like what you also have, under duel 96w PC's in a 30g tall and its doing GREAT. we also have one under 975w of MH in our 150 and its doing great as well. as long as you feed it 2 or 3 times a week and keep the water in very very good shape, it should be fine. although i do think you dont have enough light for your size tank. if you want to save it i would either find a new home for it with better lights or get a better light setup. gl with it and hope it makes it.


I have a BTA under 440 w vho and it's on the bottom 1/3 of a 100 gallon tank it has been there 7 months and has split 1 month ago. Both have nice color and are doing well. I don't believe it is nessacery to have them under MH lighting.