Is this order for SWF ok?

I have a 75 gal tank with 100 lbs of live rock and sand, 3 tangs, 2 damsels, a tomato clown, mandarin fish, several easy care corals, 3 emerald crabs and 2 blood red shrimp.
I needed some more cleaners though and was going to buy this from
2 Peppermint Shrimp
3 Monkey Shrimp
2 Sally Lightfoot Crabs
3 Sands Sifting Crabs
5 Cerith Snails
5 Nassarius Snails
1 Serpent Star
2 Clams
Is this too much at one time? I've seen the reef packages they sell for 75 gallon aquariums and the numbers are much much higher than that but wanted some opinions.

the claw

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Other than harrassing you for your tangs in your tank, and not knowing what your lighting is for you r cclams, I think your clean-up crew would be fine additions.
That's ok, you're allowed to harrass wasn't the brightest move in the world but everything seems to be ok for now :)
I have 3 VHO's right now and was told by the previous tank owner that the clams would do fine if placed near the top of the tank and he *seemed* to be very knowledgeable but I plan to upgrade to MH's in the near future anyway.
Thanks for the advice...I was worried that the critters not having enough food :D

richard rendos

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I would personally skip the monkey shrimp. They like clam mantles and feather dusters to eat. Replace them with 3 more peppermint shrimp. Also, the "sand sifter" crabs...are these horseshoe crabs? If so, I would skip them too. Get a sand sifter starfish instead if they carry them.

the claw

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I'd have to agree with Skilos, about the lighting for your clams. I have a 55 with 3 VHO's powered by a 660 ballast, and won't do clams. Unfortueatly for the couple of clams I tried when I started, they survived for sometime, but even with feeding DT's, they just withered away.:(


I wouldn't get a sand shifting star, they will clear out the fauna in your sand bed and reduce its ability to maintain its self. There is no need to clean anything but the surface of your sand. I would skip sand shifting inverts all together.

nm reef

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I also would skip the monkey shrimp for the reasons noted. Plus the serpent star and horseshoe crabs(if thats what you were considering). Myself I would also avoid the sand sifting star because it will rapidly deplete micro infauna and disturb the sand bed. If you attempt clams then the squamosa may possibly do well under your lighting but please keep in mind any clam will require a mature well established reef with stable levels of calcium and alkalinity. I'd be cautious about any clam in your current lighting.:cool:


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No Monkey Shrimp.
Sand Sifting Crabs are not Horseshoe Crabs. The SSCs are cool little critters but, the problem is that you will run into is that you will see them maybe once every six months or so.......I had five in my reef for a year and the only time I saw them is when one would die.
I think the Sand Sifting Crabs are sometimes called Sand Fleas? Back me up on this Bang Guy. ;)


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BTW- The clams that I have ordered from are of excellent quality. They are small clams that require feeding more than light and this will be the case for at least a few more months.
Small clams are not easily will probably have to do as I did and make a little "feeding station" out of a plastic tub of some sort. I used a little clear bowl (The ones that you get your potato salad in at the deli) and I would place this over my clams, take a sirynge (sp?) and shoot a little bit of DT's Phytoplankton under the plastic tub to let the clam filter feed in the phyto for 20-30 minutes.
Everyone always says, "Just put them up high in the tank closer to the lights.". You just wait and see how fun that is when they decide to take little leaps down to the bottom every day. ;)


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If you have a DSB, forget about sand-sifting anything. Stock up on Nassarius.
Wow, you guys all saved me $$$..thank you so very much.
I will forego the clams for now then as much as that kills me :( I'll have to see if I can find some affordable mh's first.
Very happy to hear about the sand sifters warning...that would not have been good.
Anyone have a problem with scarlet or blue legged hermits in the reef?? Thought of getting them as a substitute but was afraid the shells would bulldoze my corals.

richard rendos

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I wasn't sure what was meant by sand sifting crabs...I just assumed horseshoe. Also, I don't have a bed sand bed so sand sifters are okay in my tank. I agree though, if you have a DSB don't get sand sifters. A lot of people prefer scarlets to blue legs...I have both and don't really have any problems.


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hey rye--that's a great approach for feeding filter feeders like that--never thought of it--gonna have to give it a try on my sun corals--thanks!


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Pretty much all has been covered, but what about adding some cleaner shrimp---it couldnt hurt with the tangs. I would order more than 5 each of the cerith and nass snails also. Just a thought.