Is this RO/DI unit worth the money?


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i am new to ro/di, what's a reasonable price range for a good unit? i was looking at a USA 6 stage filter that does 110 GPD for $108.00


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Air Water Ice makes alot of units in the $100-200 price range. Their Typhoon III RO/DI is highly regarded in this message board community and comes complete with things like a TDS meter.


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A lower gpd rated membrane will clean the water better. Like 50 or 75 gpd unless you think you will need that much water a day.


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Some should be changed every 6-8 mos, others every couple yrs [the membrane]. You need to get a TDS meter and test your water when you do maitanence.....when the meter starts to show pollution coming thru the filter into your water.......time to change the filter.