Is this stupid?.....biocube


I have a 40 breeder. 2 clowns 2 damsels and sleeper goby. A few soft corals.
We are going to be building our house soon. In the process we will be moving in with my mother in law.(yikes!) it will be into one large room with my 90 pound dog and 2 cats. I'm thinking its going to be cramped in their!
My latest idea is to buy a 29 gallon biocube. Is this stupid?? I like the plug and play idea. Slightly smaller, closed top. Everything hidden.
Does anyone have this? Pros cons? Thanks


Pros: more space, you can get smaller fish when you get rid of the goby and damsel
Cons: you have to get rid of the goby and one damsel and you have to watch out for the corals


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Wait until the new house is built, and then build a monster!


LOL...My thoughts exactly. Why add more to your mother in laws home, you already are inconveniencing her with a 90 pound dog, and 2 cats and with her daughter and husband in a single room no less.

If you don't have your own place, wait until you do. Then you can build whatever you want without anyone having a word to say about it.

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I say use the 40B and put whatever $ you would spend on the biocube towards equipment for an upgrade (assuming that's what you're going to do when you move to your new spot)

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Im sure it will make things a lot more presentable having having a BC rather than having the clutter of a 40B . I always wanted one but im a extremist of sorts. I started out planing on building a 60 gal cube and ended up with a 120gal. and if i wanted a 120 I would of gotten a 210...........
So now that you have it ,what are your plans?


It's not here yet, but I plan to put in new sand, and use my current LR and water. Then transfer my fish. I'm going to look for a stand in the meantime! I'd like something a bit taller than the one you can buy for the BC.
I'm thinking of selling my reefbreeders 32" IT2080 LED. When I upgrade in the future, I'm sure the technology will have changed some more!


Oh boy! Looks huge in the living room. We made it 42" high so I don't have to bend over to look in it. I think I may need a steps tool now!! Next I'm going to paint it black!


What do you think?? Chaeto is going in back chamber once I get a light for it. Everything seems ok so far!