Is this weird?

Are they ok?? And sound like a they’ll make a full recovery?

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Hi, so a few days ago my ammonia spiked majorly high in my aquarium resulting in one fish death of my melnaurus wrasse. I moved my clowns to a safe space were they could hang till I could deep clean the tank and replace the sand and the water for new. They got added back today and before the ammonia spike they would swim slowly and around my fake decor and sleep in one spot at night and burrow in the sand. Since I added them back today I have seen some weird behavior they are acting total oppisite of what they were. There swimming fast around the tank and when i turn the light off they swim on one side of the tank against the glass very fast. When the light is on during the day they swim fast all around the tank and surf the power heads flow on the surface. They have no host and are a mated pair. I have noticed that today after I added them they were breathing fast and rapid and that might be a result of change in water parameters. And at random points today they were breathing fast as well but it looks as they have calmed down now. I haven’t seen them eat yet I will update u in the morning. I have noticed that the bigger female named pumpkin has been dicolered like when they get in the dark in her face but it gets better when the light goes on but her color looks different than before. And the black male named Orcas tail is nipped from the stress of the female and his tail looks not as color as it was before. I wanted to show u pictures and videos of the behavior which will be attached. Warning my glass is a little dirty but I will clean it lol. I just want ur opinions on how the tank is looking and on there erratic behavior I have not seen from them before it could just be stress and they need to calm down. They don’t look sick than besides the fact they have rapid breathing every once and a while and they look a little flushed in the face. I am open to buying any medication or doing a FW dip if u notice anything weird or unusual.

my parameters are ALL 0
DH and KH are perfect levels and salinity is at 1.022
(They tank they switched from today was 1.024-1.025

videos are attached and we’re just took like 15 mins prior to posting

They swim all day no stopping