It is finished now what????


Ok my tank is cycled sump and filters working great fish are still alive NO ICK. Now what, People don't actually sit down and look at their tank do they:notsure: Here are the latest pic's


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Actually people do sit and look at their tanks...that is their purpose...maybe I am wrong...but thats what I think anyways.


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yeah... all the fun is over... so you can just dismantle the whole thing and start from scratch again... j/k


nice stand
btw my girl gets pissed cuz i pay more attention at my tank more than her


hella dope tank!!!!! My LFS has that exact one on display for sale. I think it's going for around 6 much u pay for the setup????



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beautiful tank ..............just start another......:eek:

Yes one is never enough!


Thanks for all the compliments and thanks for all the great advice I really learned alot from all of you and actually did most of what all of you said. Well to ansewer you'r question about how much I paid for the set up,That depends on when I first purchaced it complete from " one so called exsperianced LFS" and after I had to completly change everything they sold me.does the letters UGF mean anything! so let's just say about double of what it should have been. Learned a very exspensive lesson as you all know and have been there, Do you'r research first then purchace!!! well I have to go and stare at my tank now ,Oh I think I missed a spot !!!!


My filtration is a wet/dry with bio balls the water flows out of the tank into a micron sock then into the wet/dry and then into a 50 gal sump then back to the main tank. I also use a mag 350 canister filter to help clean the water. as for fish ... 1 clown trigger... 1 Humu Humu trigger... 1 left over yellow damsel...and 1 flamed angel best thing is they all get along great!!!