IT is really two!

I posted a while back with an ID on what I now know to be a large Spaghetti worm. At the time I thought that I saw something else under that rock, like maybe a shrimp.
I have now discovered that I have not one, BUT TWO pistol shrimp living together under the 45 lb rock with Mr. Spaghetti. I saw them coordinating together to retrieve a few shrimp pellets from the sand bed (they are very shy). They have brilliant red-orange arms/claws, purple legs and antennae and an orange body.
I have read that they are very territorial and it is recommended to be only one per tank. Well this tank is 6 ft long, so I figure that they must be a mated pair to live in the same burrow. Do you think that this could mean baby shrimpies??
They do seem to rely on the Spaghetti worm to help feed them. Is this a peculiar relationship?
I just can't believe that I got all of this on live rock, Maybe I will bring up all of the brittle stars I recieved on this LR in another thread, don't want to bore you guys!:rolleyes:
Just sharing!:D
It is the FL aquacultured kind. I wont say where, 'cause I know that I cant. Where are you in Michigan? Did you know that there is going to be a big marine aquarist convention in Chicago this year? I was thinking of going. It would be a fun weekend trip! Send me an e-mail