IT'S OUT OF CONTROL!!! Anyone like Pom-Pom??


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If everyone here got a piece of that coral, the pieces would have to be microscopic!

Perhaps the original poster gave out as much as s/he could.


I still have a crap load. I was thinking about shipping it over night to everyone, but i did not want to take on the responsibility if you guys paid for overnight and the coral did not make it. i will ship it out to whoever pays for shipping. but can't be held liable if the coral does not make it. i can only say that'll i'll try my hardest :) If anyone want to try e-Mail me


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where are you located? I woul dlove a piece. I recently had trouble keeping Xenia in my tank after it had been doing well for a year it just died. I was told it cycles like that but I dont want to invest too much $$ in more?
email me if you want


Careful what you ask for...this is what it did to my tank.I did manage to make some loot though,but I had to take down the whole tank to finally get rid of it.