I've got Mustangs!

dive girl

My H. erectus have arrived from Hawaii and are settling in. They were raised eating frozen mysis now I've just got to train them to come to a feeding station.
I've read up on how to do that but does anyone have any other hints?
here's the male...


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ohhhh. have the eatten for you?? Are the southern or northern erectus?? Not sure with OR horses.

dive girl

They have eaten which is a load off my mind.
I received a detailed response from Pete Giwojna about the northern and southern varities but don't believe I would be able to post it. If you want to send me your email, I will send you the response; it's quite interesting.
I was told that they will have an abbrievated planktonic period but will easily eat the baby brine shrimp that I already hatch for my ponies.


Divegirl, did you get them Ocean Rider? Was actually at their farm a couple of years ago!
Awesome experience!
I've gotten two pairs from them!

dive girl

Thanks. I did get them at OR. I've been using a long pair of tweezers to hand feed them and get them used to it. I then hope to 'lure' them over to the feeding station.
The male seems more shy than the female. Maybe he's pregnant.

dive girl

Things are going well.
I think the male, Tegan, is pregnant. He seems awfully shy and watches me when I'm watching him eat. I hope that this is a normal behavior until he gets used to things.
The female, Jezebel, is more outgoing. She also eats more.
I've been target feeding them. I tap on the tank to signal feeding time to get them into a routine. I've been trying to lure them to the feeding dish but they just watch the food move away from them.
I could use some advice on how to motivate them to get to the feeding station.

This photo captures the personality of my Mustangs. My little Jezebel is out and about, while Tegan is pretending to hide while actually watching me.
I must say, so far my dwarfs are much more active then these but I love them all.