i've seen 2 dead bodies this week....


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body 1: coming home from lbi last wed nite. we saw the body lying in the middle of the road, covered by a sheet. medics standing by it, talking with police. fun. further investigation on my part finds out it was a 19 chick who decided to walk across a 6 lane road.
body 2: yesterday morning, there are 2 ambulances and 2 cops outside my neighbor's (across the street) house. nobody is in a major hurry. they bring her down on this orange thing. not a gurney, it looked more like a quilt. her hands were in the customary hands on chest/fingers crossed position. she didnt move once, and when the medics loaded her into the bus, they were in no hurry to leave. the granddaughter didnt seem upset, but got into her car and followed them.
whilst i cannot confirm #2 and dead and bloated, the lack of movement/hurry to go anywhere leads me to believe. also the fact that the mother and granddaughter's cars were at the house last nite.


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Originally Posted by COWFISHRULE
update: the neighbor isn't dead. she's in bad shape, though.
I always wondered what the neighbors thought when they took my mom to the hospital...I will tell her to be sure and wave next time...

I am sure we are not neighbors...but still, human nature is human nature...does everyone watch as their neigbors are carted away by ambulance?


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Originally Posted by COWFISHRULE
i didnt. i went inside, took a dump, and went on with my day.
I want Jenny types for neighbors...you sound like one of those neighbors who never noticed the old lady next door hasn't picked up her newspaper in a month ..the poor thing had fallen, and was found dead 6 weeks too late.


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Originally Posted by lovethesea
oh gawd......I vote for Jenny as my neighbor

Really???? that kind of neighbor lets you put your head on the pillow at night a little easier? You would rather have neighbors get all up in your business? I vote for CFR. at least, my business is my business with that type of neighbor.
Before anyone jumps on thinking I’m attacking jenny, stop right there and put your holier then thou attitude back in the bottle and get off the soap box, I don’t care to hear or read it.
Who asked you or anyone to poke your nose in on other peoples business? Sure, if you happen to notice that your elder neighbor has not been getting the mail, sure call the police and ask for a wellness check on so in so, cause the smell will linger for a while if they are dead and rottening. Don’t feel like you’re the hero of the neighborhood under the guise of sticking your nose in other peoples business.
I like my neighbors to stay out of business and out of my yard. My neighbors have a pretty good understanding stay out of my yard, mind your business and your own home and you be ok.
CFR, come ride on the bus with me and you'll see enough dead bodies to get over the one.

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Im cordial enough to know my neighbors and to waive. Granted i dont want them knocking on my door asking me whats going on in my house. BUT neighbors (good neighbors to be specific) watch out for others if there are problems. Its a personal choice to be polite to people and to expect it in return.


I just hope my neighbor appreciates the fact that I have to be to work at 6:00 am and spent the night replacing her locks after a break in. Come to find out the criminals got her key (reason for the replacement) and tried again 3 weeks later.