JBJ 48" PC with 4 65 wt bulbs and fans

I have upgraded my lighting and have no use for this unit I will ship it but I do not have the original box so it would be hard to say what it would cost you. I could use pack and ship services and from past experiences they are pricey. Asking only $115.00 just put new bulbs in so it is ready to go. I would consider a trade also. I am looking for corals, and inverts that are reef safe. I do prefer local 34113 is my zip you can figure out shipping is you want.
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I am interested but I am in 43016. How much is hipping cost? Thanks.
anywhere from 18 to 176 plus the boxing of the package, that have to be calculated at the shipping center. I could not even begin to know what that would be. here is the link to the fedex shipping calculator for the package. http://www.fedex.com/ratefinder/stan...ultSummaryPage I would have to bring it to the fedex place to get a quote for packaging