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I haven't been here in a while and I didn't realize how much this forum has died. So sad. I always got some good info here. I had a baby last years and started a new job working 5 days a week in Feb, and my life is BUSY! I got some new babies a couple of weeks ago and they are doing great. I do have to get a new chiller. My controller is on the fritz and I'm going to upgrade my tank at the end of the year, hopefully it will be here this week. I hope everyone's horses are doing great. Here's a pic of the the new babies



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I'm still here! IMO This is still the go to place for good info. The Pot babies look awesome and so does the tank!

Keep that tank at 67 or below, they will die if you don't keep them cold. If the chiller is not working at all, try to back flush it...it fixed my chiller problem. The light was blinking all different kinds of temps and reading 56 and then blink back to 70...I was going crazy...floating frozen plastic bottles of RO water to try and compensate.

Otherwise I say go get a small loan and get a chiller, it isn't worth losing the horses over a chiller issue.


The chiller is working it's just the temp controller. I can't change the temp anymore and it would cost about $100 to get a new one. I figured since I'll probably want a bigger chiller for the new tank anyways I'd just buy a new chiller instead of a controller now and a chiller later. The new chiller will be here this week. Sorry for the confusion.