just discovered my sand is infested with tiny almost microscopic copepods like creatures.


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so for the first time i went up super close and looked at the sand and found hundreds of weird light black and cream color striped copepod like creatures running around fairly fast. they are extremely tiny to take a picture of. im not sure if they are copepods and i would really like to know what they are. i searched on line and found nothing.


Just a guess, but any of those tiny copepods are good things. Free food in a nut shell. If you dont have one yet, a Sand sifting goby or similar will help take those of your hands.


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id rather get a mandarin dragonet instead of sand sifting goby :)
but i just want to know what they are called, they are pretty cool i like them a lot!
they have 3 stripes with two black ones and cream stripe in the middle. and i couldn't find any on my rocks they are only on the sand...
thanks for ur reply dmanatee!