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The bag of Royal Gamma water 90% is gone, but she still alive, right now I am doing acclimation for about 1/2 hours, she is not doing any but setting there flat and face down, what should I do? Should I just put in DT?
No, I done with acclimated, After two hours, I put everyone in the DT, the Royal Gamma ate a little food with Garlic Extreme, she look fine for now, but she hided under the rock after I put back the power head on.
Royal Gamma is coming out to swim, the Maroon and Sailfin are both bully her. Now everyone (9 new fish) seems to be very happy together. Salifin Tang is swimming a lot more, now I have a happy family.


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All I can do is shake my head and wish you good luck. Also, when things start going wrong, post in the fish disease and treatment forum.
15 days now, all fish are fine and health, every single fish are very active and like to eat, now I am thinking getting five more fish.


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What are thinking about getting?

Glad to hear all is going well!

I'm itching for another fish but don't know what kind. : )