Just picked up a Blue Spot Jawfish :)..Question about jumping


We have a metal halide hanging over tank and due to the heat we had to take the glass lid off (since the heat made the glass crack)..now we made a customized lid with mesh...some of the holes are 1/2" and some are smaller then that....this guy is a medium size fish. The lid didnt fill the whole tank just 3/4 of it...didn't cover the back part of tank where rock was located, but we did have a plastic strip that we put on top of the opening..should this be ok or should I try to get mesh with smaller holes? Dont want the jawfish jumping out....
Btw as soon as I put him in the tank he found a home right away and started to dig....he pops in and out and seems not to be afraid or stressed....we fed him alittle brine shrimp and he ate it...is this a good sign?? And note we do not have any other fish...would it be better to wait a couple of months b4 adding any other fish?? Dont want a fish to stress him and provoke him to jump


wow soo 15 mins after I started this I heard a bang and YUP looked down and there was the jawfish on the carpet...luckily he was still alive and caught it in time!!! Didnt think his body would have fit thru the mesh holes...looks like Im going to haveta put another layer on there to make it smaller....
For the mean time I put a towel over the lid and put some weight on each side...hopefully thisll contain him till tomorrow when I redo the lid..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR WHY do fish haveta jump :(


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they are awsome fish. we had one and at first he found himself a spot for a few weeks then all of a sudden moved to several new spots then croaked. he ate great at first too. i think one of our shrimp gobies scared him from his first home. hope yours works out cause they are awsome!


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This is one of my mothers favorite fish.
She has had a real problem trying to keep them in.
1st she has egg crate, then egg crate w/ mess.
She then discovered that her blue spot managed to get into the over flow... She found him, and removed him, then fixed the hole where he got in.
He found another way in, and this time wasn't so lucky.
She then tried to put another blue spot into a different tank. Same issue... this one found his way out too.
She has had three total.
The moral is... They are not only jumpers, they are really good at getting into sumps, overflow boxes and getting out of the tank.
Also, The people at the LFS here suggested putting a little weight on the egg crate because they have jumped out and actually moved the eggcrate.
Good luck