Just started my 29 gallon biocube

Hello all, I'm new to this whole saltwater fish thing. I've read up on what I need to do and talked to many a store clerk on getting started. Their information seems to coincide with the book I have read and such.
My question is this: I JUST bought a clownfish today, along with 2 snails and 2 hermit crabs. I have a 29 gallon biocube and it seems to be running well...the lights are good, it's quiet, ok...
Now the petstore clerk told me to feed the clownfish a few flakes once daily, but when I do so it's only a matter of minutes before the flakes get swept into the filtration system....
I don't know what to do and I certainly don't feel comfortable turning the filter off for extended periods of time. I don't even know if the clownfish KNOWS he gets food. Any suggestions??


If I were you I would ditch the flakes. I would feed Mysis shrimp(better for the fish). I turn off my powerheads when I feed so I only have to feed as much as he can eat. After I feed I am also able to remove any uneaten food from the tank, which helps with amonia control. Also welcome to the hobby!


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Power Head is another word for pump, which I believe you are calling filtration system. You can leave the lights and fans on.
As for feeding, you want the one fish to eat within 60 seconds, anything more than that and you are over feeding which can lead to other problems like nitrates, phosphates, and algae.
a couple weeks. I had it up for a week or so...then i put live rock in...then a week later (yesterday) i put the kids in. lol. Thanks for the info!!


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Originally Posted by Flanders1024
a couple weeks. I had it up for a week or so...then i put live rock in...then a week later (yesterday) i put the kids in. lol. Thanks for the info!!
Kind of a short time in cycle to be adding fish already. Usually takes anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for a tank to cycle. Maybe the LR was in good condition though...are you keeping an eye on ammonia, nitrate levels?
Yeah, I added some chemical that the clerk told me to, I cant remember the name of it, but it's supposed to get rid of new tank syndrome. My levels were very good the past couple days.
So...I'm doing my best. I'm going to check again this morning and then going to get mysis shrimp as suggested.


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Unfortunatly you fell victim to new hobbiest syndrome that LFS like to prey off of. But take it slow ask a lot of questions before you make any knee jerk reactions or take anymore LFS advise. We are all hear to help you, and your clownfish not eating maybe for a number of different reasons.
First, from just being acclimated and still getting adjusted. Its recomended not to feed your fish for the first 24 hours after being placed in the tank. Second water quality issues, what are your readings? And dont go by what the LFS Tells you is fine. Go buy some liquid test kits for Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, alkalinity and you can use the strips for amonia. Also what is your temp and your salinity at? Acclimation shock can set in up to 3 days after your fish have been added so right now is a crucial time for them. You can keep your lights off for a day or so to help ease them into their new surroundings. Good Luck and Welcome.
Yeah I have some test strips and have been testing the water daily
The readings are coming out well. Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely look into it.
I just fed some mysis shrimp to him. He nibbled on it a bit. I didn't want to keep my system off too long, so it was only a few minutes. He didn't finish the 2 pieces I gave him, but as I said he was nibbling. I think he's doing ok.


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Hi and welcome! do you have any picture's to post? I always turn off my power head and my filter when feeding it won't hurt anything and it help's stop overfeeding.Just remember more fish die from over feeding then under feeding. You will learn allot here,just look through the thread's here, there is a ton of good Info. Everybody is very nice and If I were you i would totally stop talking to that guy at the LFS!!!
I was wondering why people are against the fish store people. I trust your opinions whole-heartedly on here. THe guy at this particular pet store seems very genuine and apparently does this for a living while also working at the store. He seems to know quite a bit, but I was just wondering what your reservations were.
Is it because he's a salesman and has to make sales to keep a job? Or do you think he's blowing smoke up my butt lol.


well, lemme say from personal experience, most lfs sales people don't know as much as they seem to know. I actually work at an lfs, and i personally try to learn everything about everything that comes into our store, but many salespeople don't spend the time to learn these things. I know more about saltwater fish and corals than my boss and hes been in the fish business for about 35 years... (hes a freshwater guy). the best thing to do is to read read read. The people on this forum are very knowledgeable and since we all do this because its our hobby, and for many of us, a passion, we can usually give you more useful information than a lfs salesperson, who's job is to sell things, not know everything about the animals.


and as you learn more, if the lfs people seem to know as much as you, or more, and they are correct in their information, you will learn which employees to trust at your favorite lfs.
Hey all.
QUick question about my 29 gal biocube. Every once in a while it starts making this slurping noise and bubbles start flowing into the tank rapidly, clouding it up and making me angry in the process. I've figured that this is due to the left reservoir being low on water on occassion....is this because I have the lights on all day and it's evaporating quickly?
I just want to be sure because I end up pouring more water in every other day or 2 days. Is this normal?


yes that is normal but you want to make sure you keep your tank "topped off" before you see those bubbles. Make sure you just add RO water and not saltwater to the tank. The only thing evaporating is the water not the salt. If you dont stay on top of your top off's you send your salinity through the roof. Also do you have any pics yet of the tank?
Yeah, I'll try and get pics...although I've never had luck getting digital images onto forums...im unlucky that way i guess lol.
But yeah, I check my salinity...it's all good. I don't add salt. Other than that everything seems fine.