Kalk mix in reservoir?


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After recently picking up a calcium and alk test test kit (finally) I've decided it's probably time to start dosing kalk for the benefits of my growing reef...
I use an auto top off system that fills directly to my display tank. Would it be a bad idea to mix the kalk with my topoff water, and store in a reservoir that has water circulation? Why or why not?

salty cheese

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Most people would not recommend dosing directly into the DT, nano reefers do but they have a low evaporation rate. If you do dose into the DT IMO do it in a high flow area away from any corals start slow (maybe a half a teaspoon per gallon) and check your Ph and Alk religiously.
As far as stirring the kalk up, if you are use lab grade (Kent Marine) that is fine but if you plan on using Wags don't because that will keep the impurities suspended and eventually add them to your tank.