Keeping QT Cycled


I have had a 20 gal QT up and running and fully cycled for for about 8-9 months. Each new fish is QT's for at least 5 weeks including 3 weeks hyposalinity. I have been adding 1 or 2 new fish every 5-6 weeks and I usually add them to the QT within a day or two after fish are moved from the QT to DT. I have 2 False Percula's due to come out of the QT and plan to move them to the DT this coming weekend. I do plan to add one more fish, but I'm not in a hurry and I won't be able to go to the LFS this weekend. My question is, how long will the QT stay cycled without fish and are there any tips on keeping it cycled without fish? I know I could delay moving the clowns, but they are approaching 6 weeks in QT and deserve a better home. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

florida joe

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What needs to be understood is that you do not need fish to sustain nitrifing bacteria. Any organic breakdown will introduce ammonia in to your QT. Put a small piece of cocktail shrimp in once a week.You can also feed with fish food. A small amount twice a week IMO will be fine. a week before you are going to introduce a new fish increase the amount of organics you are adding to your QT


i have no idea if this is accurate, but my my LFS told me when i started my QT and to cycle it, i should keep 2 freshwater mollies
No idea if thats accurate tho, might want to double check