Kenya Tree Coral Tips


I have purchase a kenya tree coral. I have a 55 gallon reef system. 260 compact with true actinc 2x 65 watts and 10,000 2x 65 watts. I just wanted to know more about them. Tips and feeding. It's standing up and swaying some times. But none of the polpys are out at all. It's been the second day in my tank. Wanted to hear your experience with them. I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow. Want to make sure that's what i got too. I'm sure it is and the store is but it's a little different color. It's almost green white. Glows green under actincs.


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hardy coral that can survive in different conditions most will not fully open up withinn the first few days. give it some flow but dont blast it dirrectly with a powerhead. if you dont see some polops open up once you get close to a weak try adjusting the current it should be settled in to your tanks conditions by then (like salinity, temp, nitrates, etc as long as you are keeping up with your maintenance), almost forgot dont put it real high up under mh or other ho lights right away or you could shock it from the change it should adjust with time to most light you just need to figure out what amount of flow it likes


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Mine didn't open up and expand completely for about 3-4 days and when it is shrunken it looks a totally different color than when it has expanded to full size. I feed mine DT's Phyto and Oyster eggs about twice a week.


put in bottom to lower levels of tank with decent flow. mine breaks peices of of itself constantly fragging.


I occasionally feed mine DT's But it does well off whats dissolved in the tank like my mushrooms and xenia. They do not seem to like directed strong flow.
They do take a day or two to clam down if disturbed (asides the initial settling in).


mine took awhle to settle in once it did it turned from dark brown to a very light almost red looking brown its getting huge it looks like a bush its constantly dropping pieces off and thers about 5 new ones growing in my tank they can get out of controll but growing to big and to many isnt the worst thing i ve been giving them away its a very hardy coral keep under moderate flow lol :cheer: