Kenya Tree Removal


I bought a small frag of kenya trees about a month ago. I wanted a kenya tree... not a kenya forest. Out of nowhere, the growth just boomed. It even spread places I didn't want it to go and wasn't close to the original frag. It started growing on a rock that had some of my favourite zoas on them. Now, the zoas aren't opening any more due to the kenya tree irritating them I assume. Is there any way to get rid of it for good without a chance of it growing back? They're beautiful corals, just a bit out of control as of now. Thanks in advance!


I have scraped it off a rock and it has come back..LOL...I think if you put some epoxy over the spot after removal you would smother the base and then it couldn;t grow back.....I have not tried that yet.....I just keep pulling it out and tossing it in the refugium