Killer snails!!!



Hey there everyone!!!
I have a little story to tell. Let me start by saying that, I really wasn't into fish, untill one day I went fishing (dont hate off the Florida coast (I live here). It was a day where we just were not getting any bites, I quit fishing and just started wading in the water, when i noticed a snail. I thought "wow this is a neat little creature" so I put him in a bucket with some water and sand. I started looking for another one so he would have a buddy, and found one. I jumped in the car and took them home, and got online to see how someone would take care of a snail. I learned that saltwater tanks were not for beginners, but I had this I CAN DO IT, attitude so i went to the store baught a tank and supplies.
To make a long story shorter (haha) i set the tank up, let it cycle for about a month with the snails in it, then i decided to go buy some damsel fish. I put the damsels int he tank, and had to go do some running around. when i got home one of the damsels were trapped under one of the snails. I thought it was just a freak accedent. It also killed a new snail that i put in, and finally just the other day it got one of my clowns

Evil snails??? (the shells of both of these snails are about 2 1/2 in)


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I too live on the coast of Florida (Sebastian) and brought home some snails from the river!! I was told by a friend that there are snails that will

a fish if it gets to close. I can't remember the name of them but I will ask.
Also I caught a Blenny and some gobies, they sure are neat to watch.


I did the same thing, only the cost was a seahorse. Checking around, I found that there probably olive snails, and can eat fish you wouldnt think possible, kinda like the "lionfish" of snails. Most of the ones I have found are similar in shape to an olive, although one i had was close to spherical. There foot folds up and around there shell as they move, and have a bad tendancy to leave a massive slime trail everywhere they go. Asking a LFS, they to said they could be extremly aggressive. So much to the point that she quit carrying them. They will cruise under the sand bed and put a tubercle up out of the sand when feeding. Cool looking, just not worth it.