Klein Butterfly acting stressed


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I purchased a Klein Butterfly on Friday afternoon. I brought him home and got him all settled in my 55 gal tank. Right off the bat my Yellow Tang and Angel started to harass him until the light went off for the night. The next morning when the lights came on, they started all over again. I moved him into my 30 gal tank which has a more laid back atmosphere. He's been hiding amongst the rock and is still grayish black where he was once white. He has been eating when I offer food, but I'm worried. He has no signs of injury from the Tang. Is this normal behavior for a butterfly? He is my first.
Should I do anything else? I plan on keeping him in the 30 gal for a few more days until my 110 gal tank is ready and I thought I would introduce him into it first then the Tang a day or so later. Am I on the right track?


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when we got our kleins my fox face and scopas harassed him constantly the first day (fox face mostly). the next day they were all fine. i think they just just acted this way to show dominace.