Know about the signs on DVD discs


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Know about the signs on DVD discs
Buying DVD-Video film is not as simple as buying VCD disc or Cassette, as each DVD disc contains various icons, pointing out different Specifications. If you muddled to purchase some DVD film, maybe it can not play on DVD player. So it is necessary for you to learn about the common signs on the DVD disc.
1.Sign for DVD Video
The standard DVD-Video laser disc: on each pack of DVD laser disc, you must have seen the sign, showing the content on the DVD disc is in line with DVD-Video standard audio-visual materials and all the function Compliance with the definition of specifications. As long as you see the sign, you will be sure that it is a DVD-Video laser video-audio disc, which can play on DVD players.
The sign shows that the audio signal on the disc has used AC-3 encoder processing, which allows you to enjoy the digital sound effects. DTS, MPEG2 etc are similar with it.
Video system signs: Generally speaking, video system and the region Restrictions usually are combined together. However, under some circumstances, they will be separate. Commonly, there are two video system signs, one of which, NTSC is the video output system for USA. Europe and mainland of China use PAL system. In addition, beside these two signs there are the appropriate region restrictions. “All” stands for unlocking region. The number presents the region where you can enjoy this film.
Multi-subtitle playback: the icon shows that it offers various different subtitles on the disc. The figure among them says out the number. However, some of DVD discs don’t use this kind of subtitle, which requires you to take notes of the character of outside pack. After this, you can make sure whether there is the subtitle that you what to see.
5.Aspect ratio
Video format: If it is shown as 4:3, which says out the image has been processed into 4:3, which is fit for playback on the traditional TV set. If 16:9 is shown on the outside package, while you want the playback on TV set with 4:3, you have to watch it as Letterbox or Pan & Scan mode. Then the quality may be affected slightly.
The film classification: copyrighted films mostly are divided by the Film classification system of USA, which divided the film as G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 etc.
Without a doubt, these signs are very useful. Of course, when choosing DVD disc, you should pay attention to the reality of the coverage. In fact, the Pirated films are no more the content of the disc. For example, some DVDs are duplicated as VCD. This won’t keep in line with the original one. But the outside package still uses the introduction of the authentic. These should be taken notes of.
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