Latest Salt Craze?


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Doesn't seem so realistic for those of us with larger tanks. $25 per 5g, near me. $75 water change, anyone?

nm reef

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Very interesting concept...but I'd imagine its a bit on the expensive side.
Hmmmm...I wonder if I could use that mixture instead of gasoline in my F-150????? Here in a few months the premium salt water mix may be cheaper than regular gas!!!!!!!!!!!!


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yeah it would be cool, but i sure couldnt afford it. ill stick with oceanic till its cheaper. Its funny how expensive that is if its just ocean water compared to man hrs of manufacturing slt mix.


Beth I used it, though not fill up my tank. I don't know how to rate its performance but I use it to do small water changes. I think is pretty cool to get pure ocean water to put in our tanks.


Seen it at one of my lfs, and they haven't sold a container of it at all. The guy is really high priced on everything so it doesn't suprise me that it's all still there. He's asking about $45 for a gallon container??? Seems alittle high. Wouldn't they have to add some kind of chemicals in it to keep it fresh?????


One of the main selling points seems to be that it is full of natural bacteria that is so magical that it can survive in a closed, stagnant container with no bioload for up to 12 months? That seems plausible.


the sarcasm seems unfounded :-/
many bacteria can form spores to get through rough times, then open again when conditions are favorable for growth. I figure they prolly just capsule it up until they got food again


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I am in between households - I have a 20 gallon in my friends basement with very little in it (some polyps and some crabs and shrimp) and I was out of town for a week and only in town for a few days before. I just did a 5 gallon water change using that stuff ($9.99 for the 5 gallon container @ a local death co - only place that had premixed water). Anyhow - the water change went well and everything looks pretty good - but it is only day one. I have no water test kits here, and only visuals to go on .... so I will let you know once a little bit of time passes.


you will profit even useing small amounts of good sea water.all wholesalers and aquariums bring in there water .you cant make the realthing .close but not the same