Lawnmower Blennie in a QT???


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So I just got my QT cycled and got a fish that I have wanted for a while acclimating as I type.
I picked up a Lawnmower Blennie at the LFS. Now I know that they are algae eaters. My question is, what should I feed him in the QT?
My other fish eat Mysis, Emerald Entre and Marine Quisine.
Any suggestions would be great!


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i fed mine frozen foods and he died and they said he really needed algea sheets as well so i would go with that.


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Originally Posted by locofish
Ask Your Pet Store They Will Give You Great Answers
thats almost never true.

al mc

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Mine have always eaten algae sheets AND pelleted foods. You will also note that they will any algae that forms on the glass of the Qt.


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So I got algae sheets and put a small amount on a food clip. As far as I can tell, the Lawnmower has not touched it. He explores the tank, but when anyone gets close he darts into one of the "safe places" I made in there.
It has only been 2 days in the QT so I will continue to provide food and hopefully he will eat it.
Any suggestions?
Mine has been acting the same way. I have had him in QT for a week now. Hasnt shown any interest in algae sheets, but i did watch him swimming around biting at the glass and PVC caves i made him. I am assuming he was going after some micro algae that has formed...

mr. limpid

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I had the same prob. with mine not wanting algae sheets. Try putting algae in from your display tank either scrapped from the glass or from a piece of live rock with a lot of algae on it. If it is a small rock you could put the hole rock in the QT.


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Try some Formula 2 cubes. I usually thaw one or 2 in some tankwater then mash them up into little pieces. My LMB goes berserk over it!


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I just had to take my LMB into the LFS as it would not eat anything but algae on the glass and rocks. I evern tried the nori sheets and nothing. He was getting skinny and sunken looking so off he went. Great fish but they do need a huge tank with lots of algae and rock for them to be their best. Some people get lucky and they eat the sheets I guess it is a hit and miss.


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I've never had one eat from algae sheets. Usually they do the glass scraping deal, but I did have luck feeding them frozen emerald entree. I believe that's what it's called, but it's basically frozen food for herbivores such as tangs, and my LMB ate it up.


Stay away from the tank. They are skiddish at first. My diamond goby would not touch any food for the first 3 days. When I saw him out of his hiding spot I kept trying to feed him little bits of frozen Marine Supreme soaked in vitachem and selcon. He came around and is now a hog. Don't hover over the tank, let him eat without being scared. He is eating the algae now, step away while he does. Monitor from a distance.


I have had mine for about a year. I feed my fish prime reef flake and the Lawnmower gobbles it up.. I also throw in some algae discs from time to time and he will swim out and grab it and bring it back to his hiding place and nibble on it for a while.. He mainly eats the algae that grows in the tank though....
yes stay away from the tank.. footsteps, change in lighting, room or tank will scare them off...they are very skiddish.. mine has just started to relax and hang out in the wide open spaces and its been almost a year..